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105 Greatest LifeTime passes so fast in our hands that we no longer notice that twenty or thirty years have already flown away from our vey hands. Reflecting back to those years that you’ve spent living here on earth, is there something you’ve done in the past which you regret? Are you one of those people who keep on wishing for a time machine to be invented and go back to what It used to be in the past? But maybe the most crucial yet trivial question that most people ask but cannot answer is: What is your purpose in life?

It is kind of funny and a bit ironic to see that the simplest questions we have at the back of our minds are the most difficult ones to respond to. We are in the perpetual and endless search for answers to these philosophical queries of ours. Most of us, even, come and reach the point of confusion and no longer knows which way to go. This is where the greatest life lessons come in. Most of the time, we tend to cast our eyes on something that is very far away when in fact, the answers lie in front of our very own eyes. The first step to knowing our purpose is to see and look at the greatest life lessons of the forefathers that came before us – those who have already lived their life at the very end and left a legacy of life lessons for us to learn.

Here are some examples of the greatest people that have ever lived and also the life lessons they’ve illustrated in their journey.

Winston Churchill

He served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, and again from year 1951 to 1955. He was not only regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 1900s, he also excelled as a writer, artist and historian.

His motto, and arguably one of the greatest life lessons he shared, is : “Never despair”. He has experienced many victories and has also undergone many failures. Despite that, Churchill is known to go back up to his feet, and do another go at things.

Charles Darwin

He was best known for his invaluable contributions in the formulation of the theories in evolution. According to him, all life species share the same common ancestors. He was also one of the pioneers behind the “Survival of the Fittest” theory.

The greatest life lesson he shared when he was alive was nothing is too little nor too small to be unimportant. The more little something is, the more crucial it is for one to explore and see the potential opportunity behind it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to follow the lives of these great, famous people. The most important thing is that you use these greatest life lessons as a guide in your search for your purpose in life.

141 family happiness in gospelMany people are looking for “real happiness”. What is real happiness? Where can you find real happiness in this life? Can you find in through friends, work, environment, career, or is it in your own family? As we go on in this article, I will help you realize what real happiness means and where to find them. Happiness is defined in many forms. Each of us may define happiness differently and the happiness of the other may not be to another. But what I will be saying to you is more of general information about the happiness that you can find within your family. My questions would be – do you go to church? Do you believe in God? Do you read the Holy Scriptures? Or, do you go to church regularly? If you do, it is where real happiness starts. Our Heavenly Father is the only one who can give us real happiness, a happiness that money cannot buy.

Real happiness can be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are reading the scriptures, you will learn about basic principle of happiness. One would be to know the plan of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ for us. The main purpose of their plan is to help us go back to their presence someday. But the only to make that possible is to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, baptism for the remission of sins, and through the Holy Ghost as baptism by fire. This is written in the scripture and Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light, and only through him we can be save. It means that with his “Atonement” salvation and resurrection was made possible for all mankind.

Now, could imagine if you do this as a family? You can find family happiness in gospel as you live it each day. The gospel will make your relationships stronger than before. Your children will grow as god-fearing people. Your actions as a family will always be in harmony to the gospel that you have learned in the church. If you attend church services, make sure that you go as a family. By that, you will be able to learn gospel principles as a family. If you strive to live the gospel principles, I will assure you that you will find real happiness within your family. Your family will be filled with hope as you strive to increase your faith in the Lord.

Family is the basic unit of a society. It is the very foundation that makes up an individual. It affects, more often than not, how an individual responses to various situations that happens in his or her life. It is where we were first instilled with the values that could make us a good citizen in our society.


006 family happiness in gospel

Family happiness in gospel is often a topic inside the church. The church says that the gospel should be firmly established in every home to ensure happiness in family life. It is believed that our problems, almost every one of it, arise from the homes of the people. Therefore, if there are some things that need to be changed or reformed, then we have to go back to the old and sacred values that should begin at home. If truth, integrity, and self-discipline is instilled and love is nurtured inside the homes, then such problems would be minimized.

As stated in the “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”, successful marriages and families are established and maintained on the principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, love, compassion, work, and wholesome, recreational activities. More often than not, successful and peaceful people are usually from tight families who are always there to support each other. Parents in these families have made sure that their children are instilled with the values every God-fearing individual should have.

The principles that the gospel teaches us are plain and simple. This could also be the very reason why it is often ignored or not considered when challenges arise and affect family life. The tendency of people when such problems arise is to seek help from other various institutions and other people outside their homes. People forget that just by simple applying these principles of gospel in our homes through small actions could already be a big help in solving such problems.  You do not need to talk to other people. Simply by talking to people who matters the most which is your family would be more than enough.

By living through these principles, we will succeed in establishing and maintaining happiness in our family lives. Any hurtful instances that happen in our day to day living will be easily healed and offenses will be easily forgiven. Pride and selfishness will not rule and instead, will be replaced with humility, compassion, and love. By incorporating these principles in our every simple day to day tasks and activities, we are uplifting our relationships with those people around us. Also through this, we are being a good example to everyone around us.

175 Healthy habits for kidsIs it not good to start practicing healthy habits at a young age?

To the parents out there, are you worried for your kid’s habits? Of course as a parent, we cannot monitor our kids twenty four hours a day. When they go to school, we do not know what they are eating, or if they wash their hands before they eat. Simple things like that makes every parents worried.

Instead of worrying everyday about your kid’s habits, why don’t you start teaching them the healthy habits?

Here are the five basic healthy habits that parents should teach their kids.

The very first habit you should teach your kids is the proper hand washing. Hand washing can reduce your kid’s risk of having infections like colds and flu. Teach your kids to wash their hands before and after they eat or better yet to wash their hands as often as they could. A hand wash is necessary especially after playing outside, sneezing or coughing.

A simple hand wash will do, but doing it right is much better. For a proper hand wash you will need to use a warm water and soap to make lots of bubble traps germs. Washing is just like playing bubbles using your hands, so I’m sure kids will enjoy it. While scrubbing or hands, sing the famous “Happy Birthday song” twice. It is important to rub the fronts and backs of the hands and the spaces between the fingers. After that, rinse it thoroughly. Use a clean towel to dry the hands.

Next habit your kid’s need to learn is the proper eating habit. Help your kids to eat foods with different colors. We are not talking here about junk foods but rather varieties of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are good for your kid’s health. As young as they are they must be aware of the benefits of these foods. Make it colorful from red and green apples, oranges,

097 Best MomWhen you find out that you are having a child, you cannot stop yourself from thinking of your child’s future. What name will you give to him or her? What food are you going to feed your future child with? Will you be a nagging mom, a prude mom, or an unconventional mom? Will you be just like your own mother? You just want to be the best for your future child. Every mother wants to be the best mother.

A mother’s job is to maintain a household. Some mothers do more. That includes working for several hours to earn enough to pay the bills. Some even sacrifice their career to focus on raising their children in the best way they could. Motherhood is a balance of career, family, and social life.

Spending time with your child is a delighting moment for all mothers. Amidst the hustle and bustle of raising children, you sometimes feel exhausted, stressed, and cranky. But, what can you do? You are human too! There are times when your children need to be reprimanded for their own good. Then, you turn out to be the antagonist of their life.

Studies show that parents can get on the nerves of their children and children can get on the nerves of their parents. Whether we admit it or not, it is clear that mutual irritation is present in parent-child relationships. But, how could mothers overcome this challenge and be the best mom they could be to their children?

First, say yes to your kid. Parents would probably hesitate in allowing their children anything their kids want to do. Saying yes is allowing the child to grow and teaching them to make their own decisions.

Second, turn household chores into a fun activity. Mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, and cleaning the house are only some of the chores your children dread. Do it together with your children. You do not only get your kids to do a physical activity (aside from clicking the scroll button on their gadgets), you also get a chance to make a connection with them.

Third, be a happy mom. Michelle Obama advises mothers to look after themselves so that their children could also learn to care for themselves. By doing so, you also give yourself a chance to breathe and be happy. Simply being happy radiates good vibes to your children. It gives you the ability to turn irritable situations into fun and bearable ones.

Lastly, do things out of love. Needless to say, mothers have unconditional love for their children. Because of their love, they can be the superwoman of their children. Mothers don’t see it as obligations because they do it out of love for their family. Love is the best ingredient for being the best mom. Everything else comes naturally after that.

For mothers out there, you are doing a great job. No one knows your role in your children’s life better than you. For soon-to-be moms, do not worry because your motherly instincts will come out naturally. Being a mother is surely a difficult work. Mothers deserve to be respected and loved by their children.

093 Best DadBecoming the best dad in the world for your children is just one of the most fulfilling and accomplishing feelings that you could ever have. Not all children are blessed to have a good dad or even have a dad on their side. Base on survey, the number of broken family and single moms are increasing every year. That’s why if you have children of your own; try all your best to be the best dad for them. You may not be perfect but in your children’s eyes, you are perfect. Your children would look up to you as their role model. They maybe thought to be like you when they grow up especially your sons, if you have a son. That’s why being the best for your children is so rewarding. But how can you be the best dad for your children? Is there are pattern or rules to follow to be the best dad?

To answer that question, there are no rules or pattern to follow to be the best dad. In fact, the things that you need to do to be the best dad are very small and simple, but sometimes we just take it for granted that’s why we don’t see or realize it. Do you want to know how to be the best dad? What you need to do is simply be yourself. Try to think of the things that you should be doing as a father? You need to know and set your priorities ad a father and a husband. If you know your role as a father, then you would know what should be done to be the best dad for your children. Let me give you some tips. One, you need to prioritize your family. You need to make sure that you have time for them especially for your children, no matter how busy you are. Two, keep your promises. When you promise to your children something, they would expect you to keep it. Three, support them by attending school activities that requires the presence of parents.

Three, be there on the special days like birthdays, graduation, school play, and other accomplishments and achievements that your children may have in school. Remember that they are doing that for you, so you can be proud of them. In conclusion, to be the best dad means that you need to have TIME for your children. That’s all they need form you and nothing else.

102 Parenting your kidsWhen it comes to parenting your kids, not all parents are ready for this especially couples who are just having their first baby. This may also be the case for those who are not ready yet to have a baby but accidentally the woman got pregnant. However, it’s a fact that parenting your kids is one of the most challenging responsibilities that parents should do. As parents, you need to be a role model to your children. Most commonly, your children would follow the things that they have seen you doing. That’s why it’s very important for parents to be careful with the things that they say and do. But, for those couple who are having your first baby, parenting your kids could be very challenging but also very satisfying. There are several ways where you can ideas about parenting your kids, and here they are as follows.


Talk To Your Parents

The very first people that can help you to become an effective parent to your kids are of course your parents. You won’t be who are today without their guidance and parenting. Parenting would come more from moms since they are the one who is at home with their kids, although sometimes daddies are also taking part if they have time. That’s why if you are becoming a mom, talk to your mom often. Try to ask any questions that you want to know about parenting. One of the most challenging parts of being a parent is taking care of a baby where they have irregular sleeping time that you need to adjust, when they cry and figure out the cause of their crying, it could be hunger, wet diaper, they have poop, they don’t feel comfortable, they want to burp, and etc., changing diapers, and bathing the baby especially infants.


Buy Parent’s Guide Book

In case your parents are not available like they live far away from you, there are also parenting guide books that you can buy at any book stores. These books contain everything that a parent needs to know about parenting.


Attend Seminars & Trainings For New Parents

Another idea is you can attend seminars and trainings for new parents. There are groups that hold this kind of trainings to help those young, single, and new parents know how to take care of their kids. Babies are so fragile and vulnerable that’s why parents should be very cautious with everything especially their health.

These three methods have already been proven for decades already and many parents were using these methods and they were able to fulfill their responsibilities as parents to their kids.

099 Exercise as a ParentWhen it comes to parenting, most people say that when you become a parent you tend to lose time for yourself. This can be true in some point but that would be up to the parent on how he or she manages his or her time as a parent. It will not be easy but it is possible. To be a parent can be very stressful and challenging since you will be doing lots of responsibilities for yourself, for your spouse, and for your children. But if parents don’t know how to manage this, this can put their health in jeopardy. That’s why parents should also find time to relax and have a break from its daily routine as parent. One of the best ways to combat stress is to exercise, since exercise promotes relaxation. But you might be wondering about what is your exercise as parents? In fact, your exercise as parents is also similar to regular exercises. Hitting the gym can be optional since that would be an extra budget and you need to have extra time for that. One of my suggestions for your exercise is walking.

Walking has been one of the most effective exercise and also the cheapest because you don’t need to pay for walking exercise. You can simply walk around your block or at the park. Don’t worry because this type of exercise is very common to most parents like you. Try to check the nearest park in your place and you will see couples and parents walking around with their babies in strollers. This can be a good time for you and your baby. Other couples who doesn’t have any baby yet they walk with their dogs. Walking as we all know is good for the heart and it also improves blood circulation. It also strengthens your joints on your knees and ankles.

Another exercise perfect for parent will be swimming. Since most children love to swim, it will be better that you at least go for a swimming activity on weekends. Swimming is a good way to make your body and mind relax. The water gives that relaxing feeling. Swimming is also a good cardio exercise and it’s also good in burning calories. So that’s two simple exercises already. One more will be dancing. On your spare time, why don’t you turn-on your stereo and play a fast music and dance? You can do a freestyle dancing. Dancing is another healthy way to exercise and lose weight, and I promise you that you will be relieved from your stress.

One of the most overwhelming roles that a person can play in life is to a parent. Being a parent requires lots of responsibilities and sometimes other people can’t cope with the big responsibility that’s why they easily gave up. But being the ultimate parent for your children can be very exciting and rewarding at the end of the day. Because who they will become in the future would reflect how you raise and influence them. As a parent, you play the most important role in molding your children to become the best person as he or she can be. Now, for some this could be every challenging but for others this can be very interesting as well. You don’t need to be perfect to be an ultimate parent for your children; all you need to know is how to be a good example to them. Your children needs you as they grow old and for you to show to them that you are the best parent for them, here are the things that you might consider doing.

030 Being the Ultimate Parent

Always Show Your Love & Affection Towards Them

Never fail to show your children your love and affection. They need that. Your children need to feel that love to make them feel that they are part of the family and that you will always be there when they need you. You can show that by constantly saying “I Love You” to them before they sleep, before they go to school, during your meal time, and etc. You can also hug them when they are sad.


Learn To Listen To Them

As parent we also need to learn how to listen to our children especially if they have problems either in school or with their friends. We should not take this for granted because this is the time where they need you the most.


Be A Friend

Be a friend to your children. Have you noticed that most children trust their friends more than their parents? That’s because they know that their friends will always be there for them to listen and comfort them. So, as parent try to be a friend to your children and you will see that they will start to open everything with you. There will be no secrets between the two of you.


Keep Your Promises

When you make promises make sure that you keep them because if not that will affect their trust to you. Never promise anything that you can keep or just to make your kid stop from bugging you.


Praise Their Achievements

When they achieve something in school, in their sports, talents or anything, always praise them and show your appreciation by supporting them.

These are just few of the many traits of being an ultimate parent for your children. Learn and apply them.

103 Greatest LifeWhat does it mean to live in this life? What do we know will matter to most of us? Do we really have what it takes to take everything to the next level? If we do, how do we plan for it and what do we do? Does it mean that we might have a few trades-off and find ourselves at a crossroad again? How do we deal with the crossroad?

Well, I remember being told that the best thing to do in life is to acquire wisdom from the old people and live like the young. I guess it has a lot to do with staying young at heart but knowing how to discern with what happens with us. It is kind of like how we would like to play and plan it out. We really want to be able to make sure that we get what we want out of life and that is really not easy. Sometimes, we would feel like we are losing our grip in our life. There will be times when we would need to make sure that we need to do this.

This means that we need to assess where we are and what we can do for our life. We need to find the ways we can make it more interesting to live for. There are also times that we would need to find the ways that we can see how we can make it more meaningful. This is because sometimes, we forget the quality of our life. It shouldn’t be like that because we want that we are capable of making it great. The reason why we should is because we can take the things that we want to do and not take our life for granted.

This is where our reflection will definitely get in. It is because we would want to see to it that we can make it through whatever we need to go through and would like to see the results also. They need to know where they are in their life and how they plan on being great on it. It takes real courage to see where they want this to go. Sometimes, we can be oblivious to the changes and we forget that we need to be consistent in our endeavors. We need to stay motivated and have faith so that what we want will happen.

The Gospel is an amazing teaching tool. For those that believe, it is a blueprint for life. For those that do not, it is a wonderful insight into the reasons why Christians believe what they believe. If you wish for your family to grow closer both emotionally and religiously, it is a wise idea to make use of the Gospel. These first four books of the New Testament are called the Good News for a reason, and the story of Christ’s life, death and resurrection within can help family to truly appreciate the lessons that they might only otherwise hear in a sermon.

Realistically, it takes time and effort for a family to find family happiness in Gospel. The four books certainly are not light reading, but they can be life changing for those families that will sit down and spend time learning. It can be quite helpful to discuss each book as a family, perhaps setting up a family Bible study each week. It is important to foster discussion, with no one individual necessary taking control. If both children and adults are able to express their views, both can learn. Perhaps best of all, they can learn a bit more about the rest of the family.

Once you read, it is important to make sure that you put the Gospel into action. Many families feel that they get little out of church because they, at best, only listen to a sermon. Instead of doing this, take the time to really think about what the Gospels say. Go out and work in the community, and really try to spread that sense of Christian love that Christ preached. Doing this can not only help your family to have a greater attachment to these very important words, but to grow closer as a family unit.

The role of the father is often downplayed in the media. After all, there are many absentee dads, and generations have grown to expect a father to be a stern and distant figure. It is, however, to give your children a positive male role model. If you want to be a the best dad possible, it is up to you to make the necessary changes in your life. Fortunately, this is easier than you might expect. If you really want to be a great father, you simply have to give your children your attention and your love. The rest will take care of itself.

Is you want to be the best dad, you have to be present. This is far more difficult than one might think, of course. Many men work long hours to provide for their families, and being present for each and every event simply is not possible. What is important, though, is giving your children the attention that they deserve when you are able to be around. Rather than coming home from the end of a long day and focusing only on yourself, you have to take the time and effort to let your children know how much they are loved. This may be as simple as listening to them talk about their day, but the effort does not go unappreciated.

If you want to be the best dad, it takes effort. You will always make mistakes, and you will often feel like you are doing something wrong. If you truly love your children, though, and make sure that they know it, you will actually be able to make a positive impact in their lives. It is not the money that you provide or the lifestyle they experience, but rather the amount of effort that you put into being a great dad.

Everyone wants to be the Best Mom that they can be. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to achieve this feat. If you have wondered whether or not you are a good enough mom, you are certainly not alone. In fact, recently, one of the top magazines in the country had a cover story where they asked if you were mom enough.

The article in that publication covered a popular but still controversial parenting method called attachment parenting. In this method, mothers often avoid daycare, they co-sleep with their children, and they may breastfed their children well into toddlerhood and beyond. They all do this to be the best mom that they can be. Other parents, however, find these practices to be dubious. Instead, they try to be great parents by letting their children cry themselves to sleep, initiating strict feeding schedules, and enrolling their children in the top daycares and preschools.

With so many different ideas out there, it can be difficult to know what to do. Every so-called expert seems to have a different opinion about what is right for each child. The fact of the matter is that babies do not come with instruction manuals, and thus, nobody knows what is the best way to be the best parent.

If you truly want to be a great parent, all you need to do is be responsive to your child’s needs. If you can, you should put yourself in their shoes. You should try to remember what it feels like to be a kid, and you should act accordingly. By working together with your child, you will be the best mom. In addition, you should forgive yourself for not being perfect. It is impossible to be perfect, and even the best parents make mistakes sometimes.

Despite the oftentimes overwhelming way children seem to gravitate towards foods and beverages that offer little if any nutritional value, there are some straightforward ways to discourage this sort of behavior. Inactivity may also be another troubling issue, but parents and other caregivers can successfully deal with this aspect of daily life as well. Even if you have not been successful in the past or started relatively late in terms of following through with encouraging good daily routines for the children in your life to follow, you can establish healthy habits for kids that will likely enhance your health as well.

For some children explaining why certain things would be better or worse to eat or drink may have a positive impact, and help empower them in terms what they choose to consume. Other children may do better by following a good example and seeing someone drink healthy beverages or eat fruits and vegetables or allowing them to help prepare their meals may be enough to get them to at least give new and better choices a try. Shaking off inactivity can be a family or team effort by taking a brief walk before or after mealtime, playing games that involve a degree of physical activity, or even by doing exercises during commercials as a start.  Parents have to set an example for their kids as well.  They must eat right and start looking at supplements like African mango as a way to get their bodies in shape.

Seemingly little things such as eating meals only at the table, savoring your food by chewing more slowly, and modeling good behavior may have more of an impact than you may initially imagine. Simple and consistent actions often lead to better results than long lectures and if you can make practicing good health habits clearly beneficial, even young children or those who have been resistant are more likely to make positive changes. Making things fun whenever possible may be the final piece of the puzzle when comes to genuinely practicing healthy habits.  As time goes on different health advances will take place, like supplements from the African Mango fruit, and many others.  As you decide what is best for you and yours make sure to always do your research.